What’s Driving Conflicts in Debates around Differential Privacy for the U.S. Census
Priyanka Nanayakkara and Jessica Hullman
Accepted to IEEE S&P Magazine

Examining Responsibility and Deliberation in AI Impact Statements and Ethics Reviews
David Liu*, Priyanka Nanayakkara*, Sarah Sakha, Grace Abuhamad, Su Lin Blodgett, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Jessica Hullman, Tina Eliassi-Rad (*=equal contribution)
AIES 2022 | PDF

The worst of both worlds: A comparative analysis of errors in learning from data in psychology and machine learning
Jessica Hullman, Sayash Kapoor, Priyanka Nanayakkara, Andrew Gelman, Arvind Narayanan
AIES 2022 | preprint

Visualizing Privacy–Utility Trade-Offs in Differentially Private Data Releases
Priyanka Nanayakkara, Johes Bater, Xi He, Jessica Hullman, Jennie Rogers
PETS 2022 | PDF | demo | video | blog post | another blog post
Spotlight talk at TPDP 2022

Unpacking the expressed consequences of AI research in broader impact statements
Priyanka Nanayakkara, Jessica Hullman, Nicholas Diakopoulos
AIES 2021 | PDF | blog post | video

Workshop Papers and Non-Archival Publications

Improving Communication with End Users About Differential Privacy
Priyanka Nanayakkara*, Mary Anne Smart*, Rachel Cummings**, Gabriel Kaptchuk**, Elissa M. Redmiles**(*=equal contribution; **=equal advising)
TPDP 2022

Anticipatory ethics and the role of uncertainty
Priyanka Nanayakkara, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Jessica Hullman
Navigating the Broader Impacts of AI Research Workshop at NeurIPS 2020 | PDF | video

Toward better communication of uncertainty in science journalism
Priyanka Nanayakkara and Jessica Hullman
Computation + Journalism 2020 | PDF